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I really dont use blogdrive nemore, they all do to myspace so check it out!!!!Big Smile

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Sunday, October 10, 2004
Haunted houses

This year so far the Haunted houses have been great. Every year we go to atleast 3 or so...
so far weve been to the
Haunted Woods
Haunted Prision
Devils Dungon

They were GREAT

Hopefully well still make it to... Fear Factory, and Slaughter House

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Tuesday, October 05, 2004
Cant believe it

SO much has changed in my life since ive started this weblog. From being one of the saddest people alive to one of the happiest. I can tell that I am alot happier now, alot of people can...(which that is a GREAT thing) than i ever have been!

YEah my last entry.. my EX breaking up with me after graduation.. I worked alot so I didnt see him that much so I got over the fact that me broke up with me for the stupidest reason. Didnt let that break up hurt me anymore that it already did from previous fights.

Now I am with one of the sweetest, most sensitive person I know, his name is Michael. Weve been together almost 3 months now ( 3 months on october 17th ) and I love him more than anything in this whole entire world he means so much to me..... more than he even knows.


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Saturday, June 05, 2004
Its been awhile

Yeah, its been a while since i last wrote, that was mainly used for school purposes but i guess it doesnt have to be anymore since.. ya know I'm outta school and everything. Well since graduation not much has changed. I'm no longer with the "lozer", he broke up with me 2 weeks after graduation.. can ya believe that? He doesnt even know what mistake he made.. my mistake for not breaking up with him (and staying broken up)sooner. Hes the one that has practally ruined my whole highschool years. Him getting pissed at me for the stupidest things, I mean so stupid things. He's throw some little fits like you would see a 3 year old doing. Well I knew him breaking up with me wouldnt break me.. as much as he hurt me I wasnt going to let him put me in pain anymore. I actually stopped caring since the last time we broke up and stayed broken up for over a month and a few weeks.. and that was back off in August of 03.

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Sunday, May 30, 2004
After Graduation and that weekend

After Graduation

It was okay I guess, wished I woulda done more.. There was something else I wanted to do, but couldnt get the nerve up to call him or nething. All I did was sit and home and viist with my family from Michigan, which wasnt bad or nething.

That weekend

My friend Natalies party was the day after graduation, I went for a little bit didnt stay long or nething just to stop by. I wasnt feeling all that good that day, was feeling all depressed and everything. I went home and slept it away. I had other things on my mind that whole week.. well longer but it was starting to get to me..

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Friday, May 28, 2004

Well since the last time i wrote talked about before spring break and how I should be a crew leader because I am SUCH a good worker and all.

Well I have been a crew leader since April i guess which is good because I got the raise i wanted. Could be a little more to make it even but ill get there in a few months I believe.

We have reviews every few months or so, so if i get my tests passed( some gay little tests we have to take over all the differents departments in the store) then Ill get me a nother little raise.

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Graduation day

OMG!!! Today was so crazy. I didnt expect it to be like this. The ceremony was beautiful! I really wanted to cry. I almost did because one of the girls that sat by started crying because she thought she her family showed up at the last minute, didnt show up until after her name was already called. And then that made me started thinking that my family wasnt there either that maybe they thought that it didnt start until 8. Because after my name was already called and then so was some others, then is when I say my family. But then when I talked to my ma I found out that they were there since like 6:30. This day was OMG I will never forget my senior year and all the teachers that made me remember it, all the things that happened since freshman year and all, they were some good times.

Before Graduation:
My mom, dad and brother were here of course. But my grandma, grandpa and my moms aunt was down from Michigan, theyve been down since monday. Had this really great meal for me, we had a really nice time. My mom surprized me with a bunch of balloons which she has never gotten me any that I can remember so i was shocked. Liked them and all but surprized.

TOday was also SHHS graduation. Which made me really mad because my best friend in the whole WORLD,Natalie and a certian other person( i really wanted to see graduate)  graduated this year also. Theirs was at the same time as ours so ofcourse I couldnt go, which really made me pissed.

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Sunday, April 18, 2004

My Prom:
Prom REALLY REALLY sucked. It sucked a big butt. That is one time about highschool I wish id be able to forget but know I wont. It was only bad because who all I was with really didnt even want to be there. Both my date and my bestfriend. Adam got into some mood so that made the time at the prom so great (right) and natalie because her and jeremy broke up and he was there she wasnt having a good night because he wasnt talking to her and sometime her refused to dance with her. And adam when I asked him to dance with me he acted like he didnt even hear me. Maybe he didnt or maybe he did  its whatever nother we can redo over right?

SHHS Prom:

Spring Hills prom was okay. I got to see tons of old friends and that was nice. The decorations were cool too. Except they actually gave seniors little gifts there but not at ours. I seen a few people I rather not of seen and someone that I really wanted to see cause I missed to bad. Wished I woulda went and talked to him, woulda made my night a hella lot better. Even my lozer boyfriend told me to go talk to him even to go dance with him......shoulda took his advice.

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Monday, March 08, 2004
Spring break!

Omg! I cannot wait like only what 12 days until spring break. This year has gone by so very fast we dont have much longer until were are finally out of this school. I was worried this week I was making a 54 in my marketing class and all, so I had to stay after school in time for time until 6 to make up some work. I am now making a 83!!

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Work is so going to suck this week. I have to work just about every day well except like today and friday but no for me you will see me at mcdonalds the rest of the week. As much as I work and  how good of a worker I am I should already be a crew leader but no they have something against me. It just makes me so mad sometimes as much crap I put up with, with them and all. But I do need my job for gas money and my other spendings.

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